Our Interim Rector - Rev. Edda Wolff

Edda started work as an interim minister at Christ the King in August 2018. She grew up in Stuttgart and

studied Theology and Philosophy in Tübingen, Rome and Freiburg. After finishing her degree in 2012, she

took a pilgrimage, walking for five months from Germany to Jerusalem. Upon arriving in Jerusalem, she

volunteered for five months at Dormition Abbey, a German Benedictine Monastery. In 2013, she started

work as a chaplain at the University of Reading, where she coordinated the interdenominational

University Student Community. In 2015, she began ministerial training in Cambridge, UK and a PhD in

Liturgical Studies at Durham University. She completed her PhD in 2018 and was ordained as a deacon

into the Episcopal Church (ECUSA).

“My role as an interim minister is to help the congregation to articulate their vision for the future of their

church and to support all its members to grow in their calling. As a deacon-in-charge, I am called to reach

out to people at the margins of Church and society and to proclaim the Good News, helping people to

connect their faith and their day-to-day life.”

Edda enjoys reading, languages and horse riding. She is married to Charles, who is working on his PhD in

English Literature.