Our Rector - Fr. John Perris

Fr. John's "Biography"

Fr. John has served as the Rector of our Parish since February 1, 2014. John came to our Parish after first serving as Assistant and Associate Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Roanoke, Virginia (the largest parish of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia), the Rector of Christ Church, Harwich Port, Massachusetts (a medium-size parish near the “elbow” of Cape Cod) and the Rector of St. James', Upper Montclair, New Jersey (a large parish about a dozen miles west of New York City). “Although my responsibilities as Rector are much broader, my principal ministries are those of a priest, preacher, pastor and teacher. My primary charge is to work with the fellow leaders of our Parish – especially the members of our Vestry – to help all our parishioners (men, women and children) strengthen their identity and purpose as members of the Body of Christ. This means assisting one another – through our shared worship, study and service in the world – to claim our baptismal gifts of unity with God in His merciful love and in doing the work of Christ Jesus in our daily lives. I pray that we all continue to grow in faithfulness to God, generosity towards our fellow parishioners, and compassion for all God’s creatures.”

John enjoys cycling and walking, various cultures and languages, many kinds of movies and music, reading (especially, biographies and history), singing, travel and visits to museums and theaters. He enjoys the variety of opportunities that Frankfurt and its surroundings offer him and his family. John earned a Bachelor of Arts in History (“with distinction in all subjects”) from Cornell University, a Doctor of Laws (J.D.) from the Yale Law School and a Master of Divinity (cum laude) from The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church. He has also received the certificate of successful completion of the Church Development Institute’s two-year program in Congregational Development.

John has been married to Cat for over 25 years. They have three grown children: a daughter and two sons. They own two cats, who get along with each other, most of the time.