This school year was started with an overnight camp, hosting a Taizé worship service, a trip on the "Draisine" railroad truck, a workshop on diverity and racism and a study on the Lord's Prayer.

The Senior Youth Group traditionally hosts the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper, which raises funds for group travel to the YAE Events.

The YAE (Youth Across Europe) event is the highlight of the year for SYG members. We have travelled to Rome, Geneva and Munich, Paris and Florence. You can read all about these trips in the Youth Across Europe column. 

The Group is meeting regularly :-) ; please contact the parish office for details.



Previous activities:
(Reports where it is red)

Sorry we haven't implemented the 2010 gatherings yet. But the list here will give you a good insight on this lively group.

2009-09: Where is God, What is Silence - Preparation of Taizé Service

2009-08: Welcome Back Campout

2009-06: End of year barbecue

2009-05: Youth Across Europe Trip to Geneva

2009-04: Parish Weekend Youth workshop

2009-03: Lent Studies

2009-02: The murder of Arthur Bennington. Theater production at FIS Oberursel

2009-02: Annual Pancake Supper

2009-02: Meet SYG Wiesbaden: Swimming at Rebstockbad

2009-02: Film and Chill evening

2008-11: Where will He lead me. Discussion about discernment 

2008-10: Thoughts on Outreach and Halloween 

2008-09: SYG joins youth-lead service in Wiesbaden 

2008-09: Barbeque and Fireworks 

2008-08: Pray - The welcome back camp out after summer break 

2008-06: Hungry for Christ - Sunday Eucharist Sermon and Intercessions 

2008-05: End of year party and workshop 

2008-05: Youth Across Europe in Rome

2008-02: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 

2008-01: Lock-In "Light" 

2007-11: Ping Pong & Prayer

2007-08: Welcome back overnighter after summer holidays 

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