Visit to CtK by 24 Students and 2 Teachers from the Eichendorffschule Kelkhein

By: Annegret Schulze, Teacher

This week we had the opportunity to visit your beautiful church: my religious education class andf I from Eichendorffschule Kelkheim. The mother of one my students grew up in the Anglican Church of Canada, so she told the group about it whilst we were dealing with the topic “Evangelisch, Katholisch, Ökumenisch.” Since the students didn’t know anything about the Anglican faith and they expressed great interest, the girl gave me the contact details of Pastor Steve and we were invited for a visit.

Our first impression was great surprise. We were welcomed with hot chocolate, tea, and coffee for us teachers, as well as some pretzels and pastries. “We were given such a warm welcome,” one said and all agreed. Pastor Steve told us about the Anglican Communion as such, as well as this specific church. All of the students listened with great interest since they neither knew its history nor all the background information. One thing we didn’t expect at all was to hear about Pastor Steve’s life: “He told us so much about his life, even though we didn’t know him at all,” a surprised girl said. All of us were touched by his openness, kindness, open heart, and love for the church.

After our breakfast we were taken to the main sanctuary where he told us about the activities of the church and the services. We talked about the decoration, symbols, your hymnal and liturgy book. Everybody listened with great interest.

Finally, we learned from Pastor Steve, that following Jesus was the most important thing. I, as a Christian and Religious Education teacher, agree. Having Jesus as the one foundation and rock on which we stand is so precious. It unifies us and binds all of his disciples together so that you suddenly feel at home in a place where you haven’t been before.

Please continue to be a Jesus-loving and people-loving church where people feel welcome and loved!