No Health without Mental Health

Would you like to understand mental illness better, learn how to care without burnout and think about how the Christian faith intersections with mental health?

This is a course from Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries and is an opportunity to learn more about mental health and illness from experts by experience and experts by training. Mental health is considered from biological, social, psychological and spiritual angles, with an emphasis on how the church can help.

The course comprises 8 sessions, each with a high-quality video introducing one person’s story, and reflections on this by other experts. We then discuss the video input in small groups, reflect on the theological implications and contemplate a piece of art relevant to the topic of the week, which are: mental health, mental illness, stigma, recovery, companionship, care-giving, self-care, and reflection. The course is in English, but we will seek to facilitate small group discussions in other languages if there is a need.

The course builds on previous weeks learning, so you will need to be able to commit to attending almost every week. There is no formal preparation or homework, but there is material provided should you wish to study further. This is not, however, appropriate for those who are currently struggling or in crisis.

A course has already started in September, but there will be a second one beginning in January (Thursday 12 January). Contact: The Revd. Dr Alison J Gray,

Should you have questions about the Sanctuary Course, please feel free to contact Monica at

Photo: Monica Mueller-Roemer