Our History

A Brief History of the Parish

While English-speaking Christians have worshiped in Frankfurt for several centuries, the history of our present congregation goes back to the presence of a large number of American military personnel in Frankfurt and the wider Rhein-Main region following the Second World War. As the congregation grew, the U.S. Military loaned the Church a site at the corner of Hansaallee and Miquelallee and the British sent a Nissen Hut for the building. 

On Ash Wednesday 1949, Bishop Stephen Neil dedicated that building to St. Christopher. However, because the number of worshipers grew in the coming years and the German Old Catholic Congregation in Frankfurt was also in need for a place for worship, it was decided to build a joint church. In 1956 the cornerstone of the present church was laid. Buried with it was a signed document by church leaders of the American Episcopal Church of St. Christopher and from the Old Catholic Church of St. Willibrod.

The Church of Christ the King was dedicated on August 24, 1957 and so we celebrate our fiftieth anniversary in this year (2007). Much of the money for the building came from the Division of Women’s Work of the American Episcopal Church.