Helping Refugees


Half a million third-country nationals (TCNs) were living in Ukraine when the war initiated by Russia escalated. Around 300,000 TCNs have left since the crisis began, with many forced to face shifting security situations, complicated transit routes, and conflicting or unclear information.


Not everyone who fled Ukraine has the same chance of staying in a European Union country. In Germany, the interim solution for non-Ukrainian refugees without a visa ended on August 31. Only three German states have found transitional arrangements so far. This has thrust precious people who have become our friends into a very challenging situation.


Our church members, Jutta, Silvia, and Anja, work tirelessly advocating for and assisting a group of young men who find themselves in this complicatedf situation of TCNs. It has been a blessing getting to know them and to hear their stories. Please pray for them. They have been deeply touched by the love their have received at CtK.