Heimkehrer Ministry

Heimkehrer Ministry

CtK has long ministered to a group of people referred to as Heimkehrer, translated Returnees. These are people who were born in Germany but grew up in the United States, some to to adoption, others because one parent was German and one was American. Most of them grew up speaking only English and many had never even visited Germany. Some of them served in the US military.


Through some run-in with the law, sometimes small, sometimes more serious, they were red flagged by immigration and eventually deported. When they arrive in Frankfurt, most of them have nothing. For all of them, it means loss of family, community, and country. It is a painful awakening.


We are so privileged at CtK to have been given this ministry.


Please watch the following video to learn more about the situation of a Heimkehrer through the life of our beloved Harry Bielskis.

Heimkehrer Team

If you are interested in supporting the ministry to Heimkehrer, please join us in the Undercroft for our first planning meeting. We will discuss how we can best support the ministry, how to best work with our allocated budget, and what kind of fundraisers we can sponsor. We are also in the process of looking for a name for the ministry. Contact Bert Langys or Father Steve with questions.