Quiz games at Christ the King

For two years quiz games have been offered via Zoom at CtK. A quiz game consists of about 15 questions to a specific theme, which we try to cover in one hour, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM. 

The games are usually on Tuesday evenings, once a month.

Previous themes:

Christmas, Epiphany, the Holy Week, Easter, Ascension / Pentecost, Jerusalem, the Bible, Creation, the Apostles’ Creed, the Reformation.

No one needs to be knowledgeable in order to participate, because the answers are always in multiple choice form, with two or three answer options, so that there is at least a 33% chance of guessing the correct answer. The quiz game is usually in English and in German – for those who do not feel at home in the English language. The questions convey information which is not generally known, so that these quiz games can be learning experiences.

The questions invariably lead to discussions, especially if a correct answer seems dubious. The questions also lead to a sharing of faith and of experiences. Because we are playing a game, there is usually fun and laughter.

For the three people who get the most correct answers, there are small prizes.

All are invited! The more the merrier!

Three sample questions:

      1. Luke 2: 4 states that Joseph and Mary „went up“ to Bethlehem: What does this „went up“ mean?

a.  Bethlehem is north of Nazareth

b.  Nazareth is 350 meters above sea level; Bethlehem 750 meters.

c.  Bethlehem, as David’s royal city, had a higher standing than the paltry village of Nazareth

      1. When Jesus entered into Jerusalem, the crowd shouted “Hosanna”. What does this Hebrew word mean?

a.  Save us!

b.  Thanks be to God!

c.  May the Lord be praised!  

      1. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because their occupants were hopelessly degenerate. However, if there had been 10 “just” people in Sodom, the city would have been spared. In every synagogue service there is a reminder that 10 people are enough to save a city from devastation. What is this sign, which is called “minyan”?

a.  10 candles are lit

b.  10 chairs or seating places remain empty

c.  at least 10 men must be present in order for prayer to occur


      • 1b
      • 2a
      • 3c


Phil Schmidt