Why am I at CtK? By Catherine Johnson-Geskes

I used to come to Christ the King every year for many years to attend the annual carol service and I never really thought about coming on a more regular basis since I was active in the Catholic church in the town I lived in at the time.

We then moved abroad and joined the Anglican church there. We loved the diversity and really got involved so upon our return to Germany I wanted to replicate what I had experienced in the Middle East.

So to get to the point, what I like about Christ the King is meeting people from all walks of life, of different ages and nationalities, the fact that it is a real broad church. And of course I have a great appreciation and respect for our priest and his thought-provoking sermons. And I just love the fact that every verse of every hymn is sung (an Anglican speciality!).

I unfortunately cannot attend the service every week but I come every opportunity I get. A place to feel at home in. Long may the church continue to grow.