Why am I at CtK? By Salma Naheed

I am a Roman Catholic by birth. I came to Germany in 2015 and started looking for an English speaking church and was able to find a Catholic church near the place where I live. I was used to going there almost every Sunday. It was a church with a big congregation but I did not feel at home. People were just coming and going. Although they had a coffee hour, socializing seemed to be reserved for certain people and friends who already knew each other. I used to leave right after the service to attend the Pakistani Sunday service with a small Pakistani congregation. I enjoyed worshipping there. But after sometime I came to know that they are just interested in people to come to the church on regular basis but do not seem to have a Christian heart for them. But through the Pakistani church, I was invited to CtK through the Indian congregation to a Christmas party where I met Edda, CtK’s interim priest at that time. I also met Rose. I discovered that CtK is another English speaking church in Frankfurt. After finding this out, I started attending CtK on a regular basis where I came to know different people who really have a Christian heart and welcome people from different nations with open arms – place where the priest and people are not just interested in your physical presence, they understand your problems even if you are not there, they support you mentally by offering good ideas, sharing, helping, and listening to you. I really feel at home at CtK. It is like my second home. I enjoy the sermons of the priest in charge which sometimes really touches my heart and of course. I appreciate his tremendous leadership and the way he tries to take care of everyone. I like the friendly and devoted congregation who are doing voluntary work for CtK and the people coming to the church. Unfortunately I cannot attend the service every week due to job scheduling. I work 2 weekends per month and am usually able to request 2 weekends off. My priority is always to attend Sunday service or different church activities where I can meet the people and perform my duty as a vestry member.


May CtK grow more and more and continue doing all the good work they are doing to serve God and others. Amen